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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

Ok, I just couldn't resist posting one more photo of Mark; this time in his "Class A" uniform. There's just something about a man in uniform.

Other random thoughts:
If it's a constant 63F in my kitchen, why was this month's gas bill $380?

So, my husband dreamed about a flaming pulpit last night. I can't wait to hear his sermon this Sunday.

The sun is always shining. Somewhere.


  • At 1/05/2006 11:06 AM, Blogger Jim said…

    Good Morning, Seeker

    I would like to hear that sermon too. Do you think it be about fire and brimestone?

    Your son does look nice in his uniform. Will he go back to Ft. Leonard Wood now?

    He probably doesn't want to stay there for his whole enlistment. I stayed at Ft. Bliss, El Paso, for five years--U.S. Army--after completing my basic training.

    Thanks for looking at my son, Mitch's, blog []. I don't think he will blog very often. He reads mine every day. And I can't figure out a response to this one. May Mrs. Jim can help me.

  • At 1/05/2006 11:13 AM, Blogger Jim said…

    Oh yes. We heat with propane here. Our bill was $460 for Dec 30 delivery and $633 for November. We only use it for heat and range top.
    You have reminded me to check for a leak because it was only cold for one week.

  • At 1/05/2006 3:45 PM, Blogger Peg said…

    Ouch! And I was worried about our bill which has been nothing compared to yours. I will be thankful for 70 degree weather even though it is supposed to be winter here in South Texas. Hello-I'm Peg and I found your blog through Paula. I hope your weather gets warmer very soon! Hang in there!

  • At 1/05/2006 5:42 PM, Blogger uncle joe said…

    Okay, your water in clothes dream is making more sense now. At least to me.
    The fire is God's convicting word and the water is the spirit's cleansing.

  • At 1/05/2006 6:15 PM, Blogger earth from eic said…

    Flaming pulpit...interesting...

    If there will be a tape or CD available, I would like to hear that sermon.

  • At 1/05/2006 7:39 PM, Blogger Seeker said…

    Mark left for Ft. Leonard Wood on Tuesday. Next month he heads to Ft. Benning, GA, for Airborne. Yikes.

    About the sermon: I can't guarantee hellfire and brimstone, but who knows, the flaming pulpit dream might be a harbinger. I do believe it represents God's Word/Holy Spirit's presence.
    They'll be taping, so if you're serious about hearing it, email me your address and I'll get you a copy.

  • At 1/05/2006 9:18 PM, Blogger Jamie Dawn said…

    A flaming pupit... I sense a hellfire sermon coming.

    I read on another blog today that a kid wrote in his science homework: "Next, put the deacon over the flame." Of course, he meant to write beaker.

    You should be proud!!! Thanks to your son for his service!

  • At 1/05/2006 11:41 PM, Blogger McSwain said…

    Speaking of flaming pulpits, my father once preached a sermon about how God was going to cause a revival in the church where he was pastor if He (God) had to burn their precious new building to do it. Guess what actually happened. You never know what to expect!

    Does it feel funny to call your son a man? I can't imagine...


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