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Monday, May 05, 2008

A Fine Catch

This little guy went for the peanut butter-smeared broccoli. It looks like we know how to catch a squirrel. Meanwhile, the hunt continues for Mr. Groundhog. You know, the big guy that's taken up residence under our deck. He sits on the lower step, sunning himself... and sticking his tongue out at us all the while. We'll get him, yet.


  • At 5/06/2008 10:23 PM, Blogger Uncle Joe said…

    George HW Bush probably would have like broccoli served like that.
    That doesn't necessarily mean he was a squirrel, unless you think he was, and in that case that would be okay, if in fact that is what you believe.

  • At 5/07/2008 9:49 PM, Blogger Jim said…

    Now what are you going to do with those varmints? We released Rockie and her Sister Rockie II in a nature preserve. They had made their homes in our attic.
    George H.W. Bush is my hero, I needed him for support in my fight against eating broccoli.

  • At 5/08/2008 12:19 PM, Blogger Jamie Dawn said…

    Good luck catching Mr. Groundhog. I hear he is mighty cunning, so you better come up with something REALLY good to attract him into that trap.


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