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Friday, May 02, 2008

Say It With Flowers

Reiley and I went flower-shopping today. He really enjoys seeing all the different colors and types, and helping me plan where to plant what. We'll plant them another day, but he insisted on arranging them for me on the deck. As I drove him home, he gave me clear instructions on how to take care of them: enough water and sunlight, and not too much wind. I assured him I'd be careful to look after them.

He's excited about getting their little garden tilled and talked about planting tomatoes and sunflowers. He said he planted an apple seed in the garden a "long time ago", but the "orchard tree" never grew. I could tell he was disappointed. We had a conversation about how trees take a long time to grow, and that his neighbor has TWO apple trees but they don't eat the apples; they just let them fall and get "yucky". He says if they don't eat them this year, he's going to ask for some.

It was quite windy today, and as we made one of our stops I reached into my purse for a comb. Reiley asked if he could comb my hair, so I said, "OK, but it might take a while to make me beautiful." He made couple of passes with the comb and said, "There. That's good enough. You're always beautiful."

Four years old. He already loves gardening and he's already a diplomat.


  • At 5/03/2008 7:55 AM, Blogger Jim said…

    You can plant any leftovers in our yard. The front curbside beds are waiting.

  • At 5/03/2008 1:31 PM, Blogger Aunt Jo said…

    I have never met an "unpretty" grandma!

    You shall have lots of fun today and lots of pretties to look at all summer with Reiley.

    Kids....they are so smart.

    Adults kinda mess it up. :o)

  • At 5/03/2008 9:18 PM, Blogger Bee Repartee said…

    Those are so pretty! I bought some pink/red daisies today.

    Are those orange ones marigolds or carnations? Marigold are so nice cause the keep out the skeetos. :)

  • At 5/04/2008 1:25 AM, Blogger John Cowart said…

    The photos of the kids are always cute but I'm glad to see you writing a bit of text again.

    Your trays of flowers looks vibrant with promise.

    Saturday Ginny and I bought some salvia to plant. She also bought some african violets. I could live at the nursery store.

  • At 5/06/2008 10:24 PM, Blogger Uncle Joe said…

    I agree with John Cowart.
    I miss your text.
    Please consider your readers!
    thank you!


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