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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Reiley

Reiley turns 3 next Thursday, but his party was today. And what a beautiful, fun-filled day it was.
Here's the balloon that almost got away.
(By the way, it's hard to keep several helium balloons in the back of a car when you open it to put stuff in...)

Here's the long-anticipated train cake. It met all expectations.
(No, Karina didn't make this one. But she wanted to.)

Reiley showing Luke how it's done.

Luke appreciates a good balloon.
Gruncle (great uncle) Phil shows Reiley how it's done.
Graunt (great aunt) Mary making it a trio with Madison and Kate.

Not really an indoor toy, but why not, if you have the space?!

It was a hit! (Thanks Uncle Lucas)


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