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Friday, February 23, 2007

NOT Camera Shy

Reiley decided recently that he wants to wear big-boy underwear, especially the ones with Bob the Builder on them, and has been giving potty-training a(nother) try. Luke (ever-observant) decided to try out the little potty chair on his own. There he was, fully-clothed, sitting on the throne, probably waiting for it to play music like it's supposed to do...
"Karina, look how cute..."
Luke got up and started heading for the other room.
"...Where's your camera? You should've gotten a picture of that.", I completed my thought.
Luke, just as quickly, ran back, sat down, and grinned, "CHEESE!".Luke, aka "Hammy"


  • At 2/24/2007 11:29 AM, Blogger Aunt Jo said…

    Me thinks Lukey is a Hammy!

  • At 2/24/2007 10:44 PM, Blogger Gramma said…

    We have some potty-trying going on over this way, too. He loves the big boy pants, but he hates to stop what he's doing for potty time. Cute how young they learn to be camera-hams.

  • At 2/25/2007 2:47 PM, Blogger LZ Blogger said…

    What a really CUTE STORY! ~ jb///

  • At 2/26/2007 11:31 PM, Blogger Jim said…

    I guess it is long John type too? He'll need it with all your bad weather.
    You too!

  • At 2/27/2007 5:21 AM, Blogger Corry said…

    Priceless!!! :-)

    God's Grace.

  • At 3/05/2007 7:51 PM, Blogger Paul said…

    Reminds me of a time when one of our grandboys was about 2 or 3. I wanted to take a picture of whatever he was doing, but his back was to me. So I aimed the camera, then called his name. He just stood there, facing away, and said "Cheese."


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