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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Is it April Already?

In the middle of our morning jog PR suddenly said, "Oh, man, I just peed my pants!"

"You DID?!"

" Of course not........ April Fool."

I don't care for April Fool jokes.

Karina told Jason she was pregnant, and had him sweating bullets for about 5 minutes.

Jason and I aren't amused.


  • At 4/01/2006 7:45 PM, Blogger Rachel said…

    LOL! No April's Fool jokes here today! I'm sure others, like you, got some to make up for it!

  • At 4/02/2006 5:46 AM, Blogger Kc said…

    You can relax now it's the 2nd. I enjoyed both pranks too much I think, sorry. ;-)

  • At 4/02/2006 9:17 AM, Blogger Corry said…

    Ehh...sorry, I laughed about them too:-)
    No pranks here, unless they haven't been revealed to me yet, haha.

    God's Grace.

  • At 4/02/2006 11:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thats a good one PR, love it. oops?!

  • At 4/04/2006 7:55 AM, Blogger Cedar said…

    I thought about doing the "I'm pregnant!" thing as an April fools, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. Good for you Karina! My only April fools this year was to rig the recycling bin to drop open on Dad's foot - maybe he'll take it out more often now!

  • At 4/04/2006 3:32 PM, Blogger andrĂ© said…

    hahaha. that was just too funny!

    I never go running in the morning. Tried once, and it felt terrible.

  • At 4/04/2006 9:55 PM, Blogger Aunt Jo said…

    joe was reading this outloud over my shoulder and all i heard was "PR peed his pants." WHAT!! I was relieved to learn it was April Fools!

  • At 4/09/2006 3:46 AM, Blogger EmmaSometimes said…

    LOL! Oh that is a bad one!! (pregnant) yikes. too funny.


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