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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Luke is Two!

All day long, Luke's refrain was, It's MY birthday!"
Happy-to-be-two Birthday Boy.


  • At 9/16/2007 6:25 PM, Blogger Kc said…

    Happy Birthday Luke! ;-)

  • At 9/17/2007 2:40 PM, Blogger LZ Blogger said…

    That is one HAPPY looking Birthday Boy! It must feel great to be TWO and have that much love all around him! ~ Cute kid that Luke is! The cake reminds me of when I took my granddaughters to see "Finding Nemo" too.


  • At 9/18/2007 3:50 PM, Blogger Jamie Dawn said…

    Beautiful cake for beautiful 2 year old Luke!!!


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