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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pray Without Ceasing

Sunday morning: Mr. M had missed the collection, so his envelope ended up in PR's safekeeping after morning worship.

Monday morning: PR, calling me on the phone from the church office, "Is there an offering envelope on my desk there at home? I forgot to bring it to put in the safe this morning." It was missing.

Monday afternoon: PR, again on the phone, "Have you spotted that envelope anywhere? I can't imagine where it could be."
"We could have him call his bank and stop payment on the check."

"It was cash."

Monday evening: PR, opening the windows at church, letting in some fresh air as the kids start arriving for Vacation Bible School. Enter Mrs. P: "I came looking for one of those forms to submit a prayer request for the bulletin." PR told her that she didn't really need the special form and to simply put it in writing, and he'd make sure it got into the bulletin. As he finished opening the windows, she handed him a slip of paper with her written prayer request. He turned it over, and, you guessed it, her note was on the back of Mr. M's offering envelope.
"Where did you find this envelope?"
"In that pew rack," she answered, pointing to the second row from the back.

God does work in mysterious ways.


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