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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


For years our garage door opener has had a mind of its own. Usually it would open just fine, but you could never count on it to close. Sometimes, on your way out, you could sit in the car and coax it down by pushing repeatedly on the remote control. But usually you had to leave the car in the alley, go into the garage and push the button. Later on, a simple push on the button wasn't enough. You had to hold the button down, making sure the door closed and didn't start opening again. (Sometimes it waited until you'd headed back to the idling car before it would begin to open.) I tell you, that Genie must have gotten a lot of good laughs at our expense over the years.

I was so happy when we recently got a new garage door opener. It actually works the way it's supposed to. But you know something, our trials with that old one are totally insignificant; not even a drop in the bucket.

One of Hurricane Katrina's many lessons is one we need to keep studying: CONTENTMENT.

We still have a garage.


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