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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Karina Beth

Everyone should have at least one daughter. I've been saying that for almost 27 years now. All my siblings have two or more, and I was blessed with just one; sandwiched in between her brothers.

As a baby and toddler, she didn't have time to cuddle and snuggle, she was too busy exploring her world: finding a juicy nightcrawler in the grass, mixing raw eggs and ketchup on the kitchen floor, carrying her blankie and Raggamuffin doll everywhere.

As a pre-schooler, she couldn't sit down to rest; she might miss something. She even stood while we read books together. I think she was about 5 years old when she discovered Dad's lap. She remarked, "You do make a pretty good chair."

The childhood, the school years, sports, college, dating.... eveything seems to have flown by in a whirlwind.

Now she's married (three years this week!) to a great guy, who matches and complements her determination and organization, and has enriched our lives with the gift of a grandson, and the hopeful prospect of another.

As I observe her in motherhood, I have to say I've been caught off-guard. Sure, there are times when she's ready for a time-out, but I am absolutely in admiration at her poise, gentleness, love, and pure joy as a mother.

We've grown closer, and I love that.
It's true. A daughter really is a little girl who grows up to be your friend.

P.S. Happy Birthday on Thursday, KB!


  • At 7/25/2005 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You really captured Karina in your words, Karen! Can she still stand on her head? Grandma Mimi adds Happy Birthday wishes to yours for Karina. I love you both very much.


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