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Sunday, July 03, 2005


A week ago, with temperatures in the 90's and wrapping up one of the driest Junes ever, we wondered when the relief would come. Well, when the thermometer dropped to 70 degrees I actually felt chilly and it took me a day or two to reacclimate. Now I think the weather is very pleasant; almost perfect.

Almost? Yes, there's always a caveat, isn't there? This time the "but" is: But it still hasn't rained! We've had promises. The weatherman is good at making promises. We've been teased. The dark skies in the west suddenly clear. We've had high hopes. Surely all that rumbling thunder will roll through here and bring along a good soaker.....

I'm not complaining; just looking forward to not having to water the lawn and garden every day. Lugging the hose around the yard is good physical exercise and I suppose remembering to change its location every half hour is good mental exercise, but (there's that "but" again) it's such a big responsibility. Think of all the blades of grass, tomato plants, flowers, beans, beets and peppers that our depending on us! Then there's the bird bath; if we don't keep it filled who will give the birds a place to refresh themselves?

Today, on an early morning walk, I noticed the birds flitting, hopping, flapping and soaring, and all the while they were busy doing what birds do: finding their sustenance, chirping and tweeting in praise to their Creator. They didn't look a bit worried.


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